A performance/film hybrid.


LIMITS is the performance/film hybrid formed by dancer Corrie Befort and sound artist Jason E Anderson in 2014. The duo draw upon their extensive involvement with improvisation, film, video art, installation and experimental performance to investigate psychological experiences of time, memory and perception. LIMITS live performances disorient, disrupt and reorganize space/context, as a means to engage a fully sensate experience. These ultra-physical, often volatile performances generate scenarios that lead to new, iterative works of film, installation, audio recordings and large-scale performances.

LIMITS has performed for festivals including Debacle, Corridor, Dream Cargo, 2 Day (S1, Portland) and the Yellow Fish Epic Durational Festival. Their debut film A Rendering, shot and edited by Adam Diller, premiered in Fall 2016 at the Northwest Film Forum and was screened for CROSSROADS film festival at SF MOMA. In June 2017, LIMITS developed new work on residency in Fraine, Italy. This work has lead to their new film project The Archivist, which was begun in August 2017.

LIMITS has been supported by the Office of Arts and Culture Seattle, 4Culture, and 10 Degrees.

"Duo LIMITS—Anderson and avant-garde dancer/choreographer Corrie Befort—make every live performance a riveting and baffling onslaught of jarring electronic abstractions and beguiling movement in the service of psychological disorientation."
Dave Segal, The Stranger

LIMITS A Rendering still

Corrie Befort | dancer/choreographer

Corrie Befort is a Seattle-based dancer, choreographer, designer and filmmaker whose collaborative performance works have been presented and commissioned nationally and in Japan and Belgium. Her primary partnerships are with performance company Salt Horse (Beth Graczyk, Angelina Baldoz), LIMITS (Jason E Anderson), and with composer Tom Baker. Her award-winning dance films have screened in festivals internationally since 2002. Corrie builds movement-inspired, physically-activated visual art and effects, scenography and costuming. Artists she has worked with include Cherdonna/Jody Keuhner, Mark Haim, and artists working with Deborah Hay solos (Shannon Stewart, Mary Margaret Moore).

Jason E Anderson | sound artist

Jason E Anderson is an electronic musician/sound artist living in rural Eastern WA. His work includes performance, recorded works, video, installation, music for dance, producing and publishing (Gift Tapes/DRAFT). He performs and records music under his own name, as Spare Death Icon, and in LIMITS with Corrie Befort. Anderson employs systems that generate sound and patterns in performance, using modular synthesizers, 80s/90s-era rack synths, field recordings, computers and SuperCollider.



November 4, 2023
Night Music, Seattle WA, 8pm
10-minute performance, billed as Jason E Anderson & Corrie Befort. Performing as one of many acts in an an evening of short dance/movement duets.


August 14, 2022
Open Showing, Portland OR, 4pm
Showing our work within the context of our Performance Works Northwest Alembic Parent Residency

October 10, 2019
Palouse Performance Showcase, Pullman WA, 4:15pm
LIMITS_013 Succession. For WSU's Fine Arts Palouse Performance Showcase. Performers: LIMITS + special guest Pesi Taototo.

August 29, 2018
Love City Love, Seattle WA, 6-9pm
LIMITS_012 H (Hallway, extended mix), a 3-hour performance for Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival. Performers: LIMITS + Ian Halloran, Petra Zanki, Hendri Walujo, Sruti Desai, Mary Margaret Moore, Emma Hreljanovic & special guest RM Francis.

May 19, 2018
Gallery 1412, Seattle WA, 8pm
LIMITS_011 Fortress, with Greg Kelley, Alan Jones & Tom Djll.

May 19, 2017
Timbre Room, Seattle WA, 6:30pm
LIMITS_010 The Archivist, with G.S. Sultan, RM Francis & Norm Chambers.

May 18, 2017
The Rendezvous, Seattle WA, 8pm
LIMITS_009 The Assistant (second self). Performers: LIMITS + Ian Halloran & Jeff Huston. With Marion Walker.

January 23, 2016
Equinox Studios, Seattle WA
LIMITS_008 2P3T (Hallway, sphere version), for Corridor Festival presented by Elevator. Performers: LIMITS + Ian Halloran, Alyssa Pegram. With Rene Hell, Raica, Ahnnu & many others

October 1, 2015
Kremwerk, Seattle WA
LIMITS_007 177 (Hallway, ulterior version) with Matt Shoemaker

August 21, 2015
Chapel Performance Space, Seattle WA
LIMITS_006 Ledge, for Gift Tapes Presents. Performers: LIMITS + Ian Halloran. With MSHR, Million Mists, & RM Francis

July 25, 2015
Hedreen Gallery, Seattle WA
LIMITS_005 4 Hour Scored Improvisation for Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival. Performers: LIMITS + Ian Halloran

March 25, 2015
Kremwerk, Seattle WA
LIMITS_004 Hallway with Matt Carlson, Raica & Garek J Druss

Feb 28, 2015
S1, Portland OR
LIMITS_003 Consistency (2nd iteration), for 2 Day. Performers: LIMITS + Emily Stone. With Jamie Potter, Daniel Castledine, Golden Donna/Ant'lrd collab, Xnor DJ

Sept 7, 2014
Seattle University, Seattle WA
LIMITS_002 Consistency for "Dream Cargo, Three Nights of Alternative Listening in the Cisco Morris Biodiversity Garden" presented by New Mystics, Hedreen Gallery & SU. With Garek J Druss, Raica & Tiny Vipers

May 31, 2014
Black Lodge, Seattle WA
LIMITS_001 Ambiguity for Debacle Festival. Performers: LIMITS + Ian Halloran. With Golden Retriever, RM Francis, Gordon Ashworth, Gabe Saloman, Garek Druss & many others.


Upcoming film: 'The Archivist'

LIMITS is currently working on a new film based on semiotic analysis of narratives from our iterative performances since 2015 called The Archivist in collaboration with filmmaker Adam Diller. The film draws on our capacity to interpret signs/symbols through perceptual facilities. Sense of time, cognitive interaction with text and narrative identifiers and the body’s empathetic response to movement are central to our live work and serve as source material.

'A Rendering'

LIMITS: A Rendering

LIMITS, in association with filmmaker Adam Diller, premiere A Rendering, a two-part iterative dance film. Sound, space, and movement emerge as characters in a hypnotic, parallel universe that yields unusual psychological and physical states.


September 22-30, 2017 - Local Sightings 2017
Northwest Film Forum

May 21, 2017 - San Francisco Cinematheque's CROSSROADS 2017
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

December 5, 2016 - Velocity's Next Dance Cinema 2017
Northwest Film Forum

November 17 & December 3, 2016 - Seattle Premiere
Northwest Film Forum. Screening was followed by a discussion with LIMITS artists.

This film was created with the support of 4Culture & Office of Arts & Culture

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